EAFCF (Eastern Area Filipino Christian Fellowship) was founded in 1985 by a group of believers wanting to have fellowship among other Christian families. Each year, an annual retreat is held at a designated location decided upon by the participants of the previous year’s retreat with the recommendation of the fellowship’s leadership. As the years passed by, the number of attendees have grown and the manifold blessings have been unimaginable, especially to those who have been there from the start. The Lord, who is the real founder of this fellowship, has continued to bless all of us. During the retreat, various activities take place such as  singing, taking part in recreation, participating in talents night, studying the bible, sharing testimonies, praying, and  having   time for fellowship. At the conclusion of the retreat, the officers of EAFCF will hold their 1st meeting to plan for next year’s retreat followed by three more meetings until all plans are finalized (December, March and June/July). All of us are part of this fellowship and we’d like to encourage everyone to PRAY for the officers, leaders, speakers, workers, and the place where we will hold this year’s retreat.